Sunday, December 25, 2016

December 26, 2016, 1:28 am

I love you
Your hair and your eyes
And your sweet sweet smile
And all of the pieces of you
I have not seen.
Pale white, marshmallow thighs
And ebullient, pulsing blood
Celebration and remorse
I love all of you.


You, come here.
You, with the long dark hair that curls
at the temples and the nape of your neck.
You, with dark eyes that echo understanding.
You, who speaks to me in my sleep...
Of my own power and
the thunderous waves of my transfiguration.
Of limitless love, and lives not wasted.
You, who tells me who I am.
You, who sees me.
You, come here.
I am almost, almost ready for you.
With my own dark eyes and soft hands.
With my lips and my lips and my love.
You, with eyes of erasure and possibility.
You, with everything in your pocket.
You, with a handful of the stars I've handed out,
Ready to drape them around my neck.
You, salvation.
You, redemption.
You, come here.